Wednesday, December 05, 2007

It's Mr. Logo's birthday...again!

He is getting so OOOOOLD!

This is the third time I've celebrated his birthday in blog.
Here's the first time,
and here's the second time.
This has been an exciting and interesting year.
Here is a pic of Mr. Logo in May on a motorcycle trip with some buddies in May.

Then there was the motorcycle trip with the family in June.
Seen below attempting to sacrifice his children on a Stonehenge replica.

What can I say, there is some stress involved in traveling with children.

He's had an interesting year. He just celebrated a year at his job, quite the change from the military. He has survived 17 years with me, an amazing feat of strength and flexibility. He managed to squeeze a couple thousands miles of motorcycling in this year, and a lot of those were with the full entourage which is no small feat.

He hardly missed any of Thing One's baseball games, even with his insane commute. he also managed to take the Things fishing a lot, and he reads to them almost every night. He is really a good daddy.

He's a pretty good husband too, fun and interesting to talk with, understanding and supportive, and more often bemused than bemoaning.

Yup, he's mostly an all around amazing guy.

Happy birthday, baby, I love you!


egan said...

Happy birthday to the hubby. It looks like he went to Stonehenge this past summer with his buddies. Me thinks that's on the Columbia River. Have a great day showering him with love.

The Grunt said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Logo!

I'm thinking that as soon as my medical bills are paid off I need to start saving for a bike.

Gawpo said...

How did he get ANOTHER birthday so fast! He just had one last year. Sheesh.

Happy Birthday, Rusty Nails!!!!

Seamus said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Logo! I hear they sacrifice virgins at that Stonehenge Monument on the Columbia!

furiousBall said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Logo. Great idea at the Stonehenge replica, Druids love biker kids.

S said...

Happy Birtday Big Rusty!
I hope you got whatcha asked for.

lime said...

happy birthday, mr. logo. many more happy and freaky years to you!

Anonymous said...

You are a lucky man Mr. Logo.

Have a great one!

Breazy said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Logo!!

How sweet a post about your sweetie! How are you? I am doing good, trying to make my rounds through my blog roll since I haven't been able to lately. How are you all fairing weather wise? I have been seeing the news stories about the flooding and storms that just keep coming. My prayers are with you whether you are having good weather or bad!


VE said...

I too recognize that Stonehenge photo from the Gorge. Happy Birthday to him.

Jocelyn said...

He's a cutie. Maybe next year he'll graduate from "pretty good husband" to "really good." It's good to have something to shoot for.

Happy birthday, MotoLogoMan!

Ann(ie) said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Logo! My husband is a sag, too. They are good people!!

snowelf said...

Happy B-day to Mr. Logo and best wishes always!! I had to giggle when you wrote "he's a pretty good husband too". So nonchalant! ;)


Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Happy Birthday, I love your hat!
(Hi Logo~!)

Gawpo said...

I love your hat, too!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Wow..17 years with you..bless his heart.

Happy Belated Birthday!

Nessa said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. Logo.

Cindrarella said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Logo!

I think we've all sacrificed friends and family members on that very slab...well, if we are in the northwest that is...glad y'all survived it!

Nice tribute to the hubby!