Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Things had their first white Christmas this year.

Here in Washington we get rain.
You may have heard this?

"It rains nine months of the year in Seattle."
That is a quote from Sleepless in Seattle.

The local weather channels actually provide us with charts to let us know "The Odds It Will Rain on Any Given Day."

According to the National Climate Data Center (they give you the odds of a white Christmas in most major US cities), Seattle has a 7% chance of having one inch of snow for Christmas.

The last time we had snow around here on Christmas day? 1990 (that was about an inch), and before that it was 1965.

This year? Croly hap! We had OVER a foot at my house!!

There is Thing One kickin' it in the Christmas spirit.

Thing Two received Zoo Tycoon from his brother who was DYING for this game...and who has already played it more than Thing Two...yes, we've had to have THAT talk now too.
Here is Mr. Logo entertaining himself with the packaging from one of his gifts. The roads, going over the river and through the woods, were pretty ugly in spots. The weather this week is predicted to go into the 40s for a while and so now there are going to be flood watches all over the place.
I'm of two minds about all this snow. I mean, parts of it are great! It is kinda pretty, sledding and whatnot are certainly fun, but, uh, its been TWO FREAKING WEEKS.
I am officially done.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Roti, and tree, and snow, oh my

Here you see Thing Two bravely trying a roti from the very first batch I ever made in my whole life. I was inspired by Lime. I also found a lot of helpful tips here.

Here is Thing One hauling in the trismas tree. Awwwa, isn't he big and strong and handsome?
Lastly, here you see the Princess in the snow. She cannot even walk in the snow, it's too deep, so she sort of gallups along in a completely ridiculous manner. It's quite amusing. One down side of having a dog with hair instread of fur is that it does not shed snow. Poor Ariella, she keeps trying to pee on the porch so she doesn't have to go 4 wheeling.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy second week of December!


this is what happens when you tell a group of disgusting male people that you really DON'T need any more pictures of them with fingers protruding from the orifices in their heads.


We have discovered the Play-away section of the library! YAY! They are teeny digital book. The patron supplies one AAA battery and earphones and life is good. I promise he is NOT trying to flip you off, really, he was merely attempting to show off the convenient little pre-loaded digital player.

This is a piece of wrapping paper that the Things decorated with snowmen and christmas trees, I helped too.

Here is a version of the project with credits.
Here is a little box I painted for Thing Two to use with his Legos and action figures and such.

What can I say, I was bored.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

It's Pearl Harbor Sunday

Do you know a Pearl Harbor survivor?
2,400 were killed and 1,178 were injured that day.

Here are some photos and the you can listen to Roosevelt's address to both houses of Congress too.

While perusing Pearl Harbor info online I found this, which I found interesting and heartwarming in an incredibly sad way.

Dick Fiske, a bugler on the U.S.S. West Virginia, wasn’t the only Pearl Harbor
survivor in his family. His father, Frank Fiske, was the Navy chief commissary
steward on the U.S.S. Tangier, and his brother Frank Fiske, Jr., was an Army
medic at Schofield Barracks. Dick Fiske was one of many servicemen to have
family at Pearl Harbor. The U.S.S. Arizona carried 36 sets of brothers (33 pairs
and three sets of three) and one father-son pair. When she was bombed on
December 7, 1941, 24 of those sets and the father-son pair died. Less than a
month later five Sullivan brothers—George, Francis, Joseph, Madison, and
Albert—from Waterloo, Iowa, joined the Navy hoping to serve together. A friend
of theirs had been killed on the Arizona, and they wanted to fight. The
Sullivans were assigned to the U.S.S. Juneau, which was sunk by a Japanese
submarine on November 13, 1942, during the Battle of Guadalcanal. All five
Sullivan brothers were killed. At that time the Navy and other military branches
began to consider separating brothers in combat. In July 1942 the Navy forbade
commanding officers from forwarding requests from brothers to serve on the same
ship or station. Mandatory separation of brothers already serving together was
considered, but no action was taken. On October 26, 1944, the War Department
announced a new policy to remove surviving sons from the hazards of combat. If a
family had lost two or more sons in the armed forces and had only one surviving
son, either the family or the son could apply for him to be removed from
hazardous duties. This policy is still in effect today, but Navy family members
can serve together on the same ship. —Marisa Larson

War SOOO sucks

Monday, December 01, 2008


Well, Mr. Logo has been unemployed since the end of July and may I just say things were getting a little tight around here?

Today a judge ruled that he is eligible for unemployment, yay! Of course it is going to take a while to get here, but it's nice to know it's coming.

Also, barring any complications, it seems he has a new job! YAY!
We aren't sure when he will be starting, but just knowing that soon, someday very soon, he will toddle off to work EVERY SINGLE WEEKDAY, it's very comforting.

I would hate to imply that every individual moment spent in the company of Mr. Logo is not a universe of joy and delight, and yet somehow, I'm really looking forward to him not being here ALL the time.

In other news, I slipped down my porch steps like a cartoon character (I was wearing Mr. Logo's slippers, and just as the name implies, they were slippy!) just over a week ago and smacked my ribs and my head but I am all better :D yay!