Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Things had their first white Christmas this year.

Here in Washington we get rain.
You may have heard this?

"It rains nine months of the year in Seattle."
That is a quote from Sleepless in Seattle.

The local weather channels actually provide us with charts to let us know "The Odds It Will Rain on Any Given Day."

According to the National Climate Data Center (they give you the odds of a white Christmas in most major US cities), Seattle has a 7% chance of having one inch of snow for Christmas.

The last time we had snow around here on Christmas day? 1990 (that was about an inch), and before that it was 1965.

This year? Croly hap! We had OVER a foot at my house!!

There is Thing One kickin' it in the Christmas spirit.

Thing Two received Zoo Tycoon from his brother who was DYING for this game...and who has already played it more than Thing Two...yes, we've had to have THAT talk now too.
Here is Mr. Logo entertaining himself with the packaging from one of his gifts. The roads, going over the river and through the woods, were pretty ugly in spots. The weather this week is predicted to go into the 40s for a while and so now there are going to be flood watches all over the place.
I'm of two minds about all this snow. I mean, parts of it are great! It is kinda pretty, sledding and whatnot are certainly fun, but, uh, its been TWO FREAKING WEEKS.
I am officially done.


Ann(ie) said...

I've never been happier to see our beloved rain come back!!!!

Fred said...

Hard to believe I used to attend college in a town that would get over 100" of snow every winter.

No, if it drops below 70, I get the chills.

Happy New Year!

lime said...

LOL, two weeks of snow and you're done. i am stiffling giggles. well i am glad the things had a white christmas once in their lives. mr logo seems to be doing a weird al yankovic impression with his flowing locks. so fetching.

tsduff said...

Christmas is always so much more fun when there are younger folks about ;)

Happy New Year and wishing you all luck, health and happiness in 2009 :)

The Grunt said...

It snowed over a foot, you say? That's like a foot and a calf, ah-har-har!

Diesel said...

Haven't seen any snow hereabouts. We have to drive to the mountains for it.

Happy New Year, Logo!

Minka said...

So that's where the Icelandic winter went. I am glad to hear it. We literally have autumn weather, and if I wouldn't go out and listen to people spit this hilarious language at me, I'd think I am in Seattle.
Look at the bright side, you'll have winter gear for the year 2026 ;)

Doug said...

Well, I am a big fan of snow but I understand what you are saying. It's hard to go from one richness to another.

egan said...

I loved loved loved our white Christmas. It's so cool to go sledding as a 35 year old adult.