Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Roti, and tree, and snow, oh my

Here you see Thing Two bravely trying a roti from the very first batch I ever made in my whole life. I was inspired by Lime. I also found a lot of helpful tips here.

Here is Thing One hauling in the trismas tree. Awwwa, isn't he big and strong and handsome?
Lastly, here you see the Princess in the snow. She cannot even walk in the snow, it's too deep, so she sort of gallups along in a completely ridiculous manner. It's quite amusing. One down side of having a dog with hair instread of fur is that it does not shed snow. Poor Ariella, she keeps trying to pee on the porch so she doesn't have to go 4 wheeling.


lime said...

i am so completely impressed that you made roti! and thing 2 looks so adorable. did he enjoy it? did everyone?

merry christmas, hon.

The Grunt said...

Morty Chrushmouse!

Hobbes said...

The Roti looks delicious.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!