Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm sassy!

Lime said I needed one of these.

In fact, she said it was hard to point to one post that exemplifies my sassiness.
I cannot even begin to imagine what she means by that!
I'm shocked, and taken aback.
I actually appreciate the acknowledgement.
Thanks, Lime!
A group of women I'm involved with recently had a mandatory secret pal exchange. We were to fill out information forms and this is how I filled out mine.
Name: (well, I'll skip to the good parts, eh?)
Marital status: Currently living with my first husband.
Favorite flower: Sundews, snap dragons
Favorite Holiday: Ramadan
Favorite things: Brown paper packages tied up with string
Favorite food: Fava beans and nice chianti
Favorite author: Machiavelli
Heroine: No thanks, I'm clean and sober
Hobbies/interests: Street bikes, chaos theory, blogging, internet chat
Oddly enough, I haven't heard from my secret pal.


actonbell said...

Really? No one wants to play with carnivorous plants with you? I'm shocked!
Congrats on the award:)

Breazy said...

LOL! I couldn't think of a better person to award the Sassy Mama award with if I were giving it away.

Love the way you filled out the form for the Secret Pal Exchange and if you don't hear from your secret pal then it is their loss!

Have a beautiful day!

Balou said...

Sassy! Yep. Good choice Lime!

Sounds like you drew the loser secret pal without a sense of humor.

Seamus said...

Hey Sassy Lass! ;)

Favorite food? What? No liver?

S said...

Sassy? you?

furiousBall said...

I missed you on lime's award post. Well, just like Jocelyn, who got the award as well, you put the assy in Sassy. ;-)

Blither said...

You should be Sassy Mama of the Year! Heh.. Funny. Funny.

lime said...

and she wonders why i awarded her....

i would so love to have a secret pal as sassy as you!

love ya, logo!

The Grunt said...

Sassy is good.