Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Any of you who've read my blog for any length of time have certainly heard about the terrible weather we have here in the Northwest.

All it ever does is rain. Rain, rain, rain. It is horrible. You'd hate it here.
I even had to set up a canopy for our birthday party this last weekend because of all the hot, bright... rain. The kids played water balloon capture the flag, you know, since we are all so accustom to being wet all the time.

I've noticed people have been giving tours of their growing things so I thought I would share some of mine.
Here are some little bright pink flowers on a bush.

Here are some big bright pink flowers on a bush.

Here are some little light pink flowers on a bush.

Here are some large light pink flowers on a bush.

Here is a bush with no flowers, but different colored leaves, ooooooo.

...and I'm spent. Gardening is not, as you may have guessed, my forte. I do mow though, and use a big set of yard scissors to keep our pathways clear (what do you call those? Pruning something or other I think). See what a nice job I do though?

The Things help too. Here is Thing One cleaning out the gutters on the garage. He is so happy about doing this because he is earning extra money and he has his eye on an MP3 player. He also gets to climb around on the roof, so for him it's really a twofer.
Here is the first cute little tomato from our plants in the breakfast room. See, this is another benefit of buying natural produce. If you don't eat it quickly enough you can just plant it and wait longer! :p
Last but not least, I have a new bag. I bought for Mr. Logo to buy for me for Mother's Day.

I'm actually more likely to carry a purse in spring and summer than the rest of the year since I have to have a place to carry sunscreen, and sunglasses. Not to mention that warmer weather clothes are less likely to have sufficent pockets than my cooler weather combos but I still have to carry the basic four (keys, wallet, cell phone, lip stuff). Two tiny little pockets that empty themselves when you sit down just won't work, ok. What are those designers thinking??

Anyway, this bag has a vaguely doctor-bag shape. It has double zippers and it opens up nice and wide. It has three different pockets which are perfect and hold all my stuff with just a little room to spare.

Lastly, I thought I would share one of the best presents Thing Two received. The Esteemed Elder Sister gave him an Amazon gift card and he order these.

If you must buy a gift for a male child, remember these titles.


Tom & Icy said...

I like the rain, but all those flowers make me itchy.

Kristina said...

Pretty flowers! It has been in the 100's here the last 4 or 5 days.. but today its only suppose to be 84.. THANK goodness! The little tomato is cute! I have my garden growing too. lotsa veggies n fruit!

Fred said...

Lots of bright pink things. I'm the gardener here. The Missus lets me do all the shrubs, flowers, trees and bushes.

I do miss having a garden, though. I just can't keep up with one anymore. Old age.

lime said...

i am beginning to think i live in seattle because all the freak it is doing in Pa is rain rain rain and then it rains some more. i am friggin sick of all this damn rain. i am waterlogged.

oh and i agree about the boys for books. i bought that book for mine. it is a fun book. good for trouble.

S said...

I see you have bushes with flowers on em too. I have some of those.
I also have trees, grass, some bushes with berries, some trees with apples.
Glad I dont have to take care of em!

Lovely garden tour madam, I am going to have to do mine soon. Perhaps i'll wait for the dahlias...:P

Breazy said...

I love the flowers and different colored leaves. I also like the new purse. I also bought a new purse for myself for Mother's Day, I normally don't care what purse I carry but this time I found a Prada that I loved so it came home with me.

Happy belated Birthday to Thing Two!