Friday, October 31, 2008

The 2004 Oscar for Best Song

was won by a GENIUS, Annie Lennox (written with Fran Walsh and Howard Shore).
It was in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. In addition to my passion for Annie Lennox I will confess, I am a bit of a LOTR fan. I don't always love movie music, but sometimes it's just enjoyable stuff, like this.
Anyway, I've been really enjoying this song lately.

(I have to add a geek note. Though I make no claims to musical competence, it seems to be that Howard Shore did some amazing things with the sound tracks of these movies. I have no idea what he is doing these days but I hope he isn't starving in some tiny, drafty flat with a bunch of kids).

OK, and it's only barely Friday but here are 55 words.

I love my country.
I wish I could be proud of my fellow citizens, all of them,
but I can’t.
I love our rights.
I love our freedoms.
I believe in personal responsibility.
I believe we are our brothers’ keepers.
I hate the pettiness and prejudices recently brought to light.

I can’t wait for Tuesday!


lime said...

that is a beautiful song from the movie.

the 55 ....well done.

i can't wait for this campaign to be over.

sinclairmusic said...

Mr Shore is doing quite well and composing for the Hobbit films. His website,, details his activities, if you're interested.

Ann(ie) said...

Tuesday is going to be interesting. And close. And it's giving me an ulcer.

Fred said...

I haven't heard this song in ages. Nice to hear it again.

Thanks for a great 55. Well done.

Word verification: musig

Breazy said...

since it is Friday now I will say that I was very pleased that the election came and went and I am ready to see what our new President can do with our country. Great 55 and have a good weekend!

Hobbes said...

I am unrepentant about the childish, petty, but totally based on experience little song and dance I did about kicking fat white Republican butt on election night.
I'm not prejudiced. I even have a Republican friend. But it's been eight very long years, people.