Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We homeschool but...

we are NOT like this, REALLY! I promise.


Breazy said...

That is cute and a neat idea for a huge family to do. I wouldn't know what to do with all of those kids if I had them.

Have a great day!

lime said...

LMAO! that was hilarious!

so you're saying the kids have been to hooters?

Gillian said...

Too cute!
Where do you get the energy to homeschool? Are there no good schools in your area?
This has me curious.
Hope you are well!

Logophile said...

Breazy~ Oy vey, can you imagine?? I have two and I sometimes feel overhelmed!

Lime~ There isn't a Hooters close by, I hear the wings are amazing but I can't see scheduling an hour plus drive for them.

Gillian~ Well, I may not do high energy homeschooling, but I do it! There are a lot of reasons I homeschool but this is a big part of it
and here are some reasons

Hobbes said...

Such a strange combination of hopeful and horrifying. I find this with the homeschoolers around here too. Not us, of course.

We learn of evolution,
Uphold the constitution.
The Obama revolution
Will help our family!

We study our ability
To control our own fertility
And take responsibility
For the human family!


The Grunt said...

Too funny. Yeah, I'm commenting on your blog again, So what?

Logophile said...

Weirsdo~ I love your song! So clever. I do know some homeschoolers who are frightening like this, but I'm sure they are good people.

Grunt~ YAY, Im so glad to see you!! Comment anytime. Remember when we used to do this a lot? Aah, good times, good times.

Ann(ie) said...

aaaaaaaaaaahahahaha!! OH you have no idea how much I loved that!!! ;)