Monday, October 12, 2009

Homeschool has its advantages.

A while back Thing One had a writing assignment. He was supposed to imagine himself as a fictional character and write something that person would have written.
I'm sure a diary entry from Oliver Twist was the sort of thing they had in mind,
in the hands of Thing One and I it ended up like this...

Megatron's To Do list:
  • Hack US mainframe
  • Check Craigslist for cute robogal
  • Rent warehouse with hip pad potential
  • Schedule an oil change
  • Pick up local paper, check want ads
  • Make reward poster for Frenzy
  • Find a postcard for mom
  • Signal Decepticons in space
  • Schedule therapy session
  • Finish deposition for court case re. dam destruction
  • File civil suit against the autobots for severe emotional trauma
  • Contact seamstress about a cozy winter jacket
  • Contact Cobra about possible alliance
  • Get passport photo


lime said...

that boy is YOUR son, no doubt about it.

Doug said...

Lime, just what I was thinking.

S said...

I see he has his priorities in order. Seamstress made the list.
After all we cant all run around naked.

Nessa said...

Why on earth would Megatron need therapy?

Hobbes said...

That's great. This reminded me of exercises we used to work with the undergrads on in Daily Themes at Yale. One was to make lists of anything (my favorite was a list of lies one guy did, ending with "I'll call you"; it was actually poetic). Another was to make up a title for a character and then describe him. My favorite there was "Supreme Dictator of the Universe." Like your Thing's Megatron, the student's Dictator had an office and office work, of course.