Thursday, November 12, 2009

I am the captain of your fate

(I apologize in advance for this somewhat politically based rant. I just can't help myself).
The results are in for the mid-term elections.

Nearly half the registered voters in my state chose not to participate in the process, and just as a throw-away fact, the percentage of eligible adults who choose not to register is about 20% nationwide.
So less than half of the people in this state made decisions for all the rest.
The two measures that were the most hotly contested here passed or failed by just barely over 50%. So 1/4 of the people in this state made decisions that everyone is going to have to live with.

I firmly believe that only people who vote have the right to opine regarding matters political. It has nothing to do with the right to free speech, only the right to be listened to. But that is not the worst of it, not by a long shot.

I, and my fellow registered, active voters, make your decisions for you. I will choose your taxes, I will choose your representatives, and I will chose your president.

Think your taxes are too high now? Just wait till I get all the support I want for the library system.

Want more gay right? Or less? Yah, well, we will decide that for you.

This country is becoming an oligarchy, an oligarchy of the willing. The ideological extremes are carrying the day because it seems only extremist can generate the effort to exercise their basic rights as Americans.

Tired of hearing about the extreme right and the extreme left? Then get off your ass.

Until you do, we, the ruling elite, invite you to sit back and enjoy our decisions on your behalf.


Nessa said...

Yeah! The first thing I ask when someone starts is, "Do you vote?" If the answer is no, the talk is over.

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actonbell said...

Needed: an atheist's word for AMEN. I'm sorry to say that even fewer people vote here in Pennsyltucky.

lime said...

sorry i am so late getting here but BRAVO!

here's a soapbox and a bullhorn. i just voted in funding for it.