Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I am watching many Christmas movies

in an attempt to feel holiday-ish.

I was in a store that was playing horrific Christmas music and it was so painful it made me wish I was Muslim.

In fact, I sort of felt the same way about that music that I have always felt about the Islamic call to prayer,
"I'm glad they think they are doing that for a good reason, because otherwise it would just be cruel and unusual punishment."

Yeaaaah, so um, bah humbug to all, and to all a good night


Nessa said...

Have the spirits visited you in the night yet?

Name That Christmas Song

S said...

Having heard the muslim call to's a lot prettier than Christmas music.

LOL Logo, we ought to sneak into malls and large box stores, infiltrate the music system and replace nat king cole with the muslim call to prayer!!! ACKKKKKK

Now I know what to do while Im waiting to leave for India.

Happy Holidays, Miss!

actonbell said...

I struggle getting that Christmasy feeling, too. Must be my lack of--Christianity. Or something like that.