Saturday, April 17, 2010

Northwest Profiles

Pemco Insurance started running their NW Profile ads a while back and we love 'em.
Anyone who remembers the Seattle blogger Schnoodlepoo will recognize her as this first one.
The radio ads are awesome, so here is the profile #23 radio ad

Here are other common northwest species.

50 Degrees Shirt Off Guy

Walla Walla Wine Wine Woman Woman radio ad
Oh yes, Confused East Coast Transplant, we DO know you (listen to this radio ad for that to make sense).
Four Way Stop TV commercial

Ski in the Rain Guy

Ever wanted to be an action figure? This one comes complete with pba-free water bottle and REI membership card! Check him out

There are lots of other profiles you can find here.
The Logophile family has taken to identifying people we know who fit one of these profiles.
I am sure some of these creatures reside in other locales as well.
Do you know any of these people? Do share!


lime said...

they look hilarious but the thing doesn't want to play for me.

Quilly said...

Too funny! I do know some of this people. The gluten-free no-refined-sugar lady goes to my church! And I was once married to the NW action figure guy.

actonbell said...

hehe, these are funny:) Being from the other coast, I don't exactly know any of these, but some of them are similar.

S said...

The dog lady is you because that is a porty, I think.

Bumper Sticker: Keri
Utility Kilter: I wanted that to be me but those kilts, ya know, I went there that time I was wandering the streets of Seattle singing the blues, (LOL) and I put on a kilt, and it was so heavy I almost fell on the floor.
I knew my kilting days were ending before they began. No, they dont make them in Gnome size apparently.

Blackberry Hunter is also me.

Thats all I got except confused east coast transplant could be Alisa. (sis in law)

Oh, the action figure could be her husband.

So, do they have
I think I am so fricking cool bike rider jerkface guy too?

Could NOT resist.

coopernicus said...

I work with most of those folks (except the goat guy)....