Thursday, June 24, 2010

Solstice and Midsummer's Eve

Here are some photos taken in my yard by Thing Two.
Rabbit reclining by bird feeder
Teeny bunny eating very long stem.
Baby squirrel racing around as if on speed.
Fire and Pyro

We had our annual summer solstice fire.
We moved our firepit because we now have bees (4 hives) in the part of our yard where we previously had bonfires; we didn't want any drifting smoke freaking them out.
The fire pit is now right off the back patio.
Did you know that just a couple nights after the solstic there is another perfect excuse for a bonfire?
St. John's Eve (patron saint of beekeepers) is the 23rd!
There has been much with the s'mores around here.
In other news,
My dad started going to work out at a cardiac rehab and is recovering really well.
The sun's been shining and I've been out riding a lot.
We've a new community park that I took the Things to visit.
It has a huge fort/castle/ship play area and SWINGS!
Thing Two loves to swing, and really, that is the best part of any park experience.
Swings are fabulous.
Oh, and here is a fun link to remind you to use a lot, rather than alot.


quilly said...

S'Mores? Yes. Please.

Anonymous said...

"a lot" is like an unexpected christmas gift. i still seethe at the mountains of collage grads who cannot differentiate your/you're and there/their/they're.

not to mention mute/moot.


lime said...

is that thing 2 at the fire pit? holy cow! what you feeding that boy?

oh, and swings are THE best!

Logophile said...

Quilly~ as many as you like! Come by anytime.

Coop~ Is that post not wet your pants funny?? Love it.
So glad to see you are annoyed by the stuff that gets to me.

Limey~ That is the elder, Thing One. Swings really do rock the known world, it is true.

S said...

I love those chairs i bet you painted and your firepit is so cool and your kid is mega talllllllllll

arent we spending a lot of $ on clothes these days?