Monday, September 12, 2011

...things happened, and there was stuff, and shenanigans...

 I cannot seem to hit upon the correct balance of interesting things to blog about and sufficient time in which to blog about them.

So I am going with the bullet point approach

  • Doing lots of prep for teach 24 kids about this. Fun trips to the hardware store, lemme tell ya.
  • I am very excited about this
  • My dishwasher is dead
  • My son is playing football...kinda. At the moment he is recovering from a back injury. Let's not talk about that any further. It makes me want to hurt football coaches.
  • This is the kind of rabbit we have living here. He growls when annoyed and likes to chase Ariella.
  • I have redecorated Thing Two's room


Anonymous said...

you and your company can have a six hour event on the evils of school football me on this.

lime said...

yes, you and your company can rant at great length on (expletive deleted) football coaches who need to be beaten unconscious.