Monday, October 10, 2011

Have some perspective!

Back in 2007, for his 8th birthday, Thing Two wanted to visit the Space Needle.
I took this photo and thought the image of the Needle behind him at this angle was kinda fun.

Last month

I tried the same trick with another visitor to the Needle.
I had to work a little harder to get the shot this time,
and had someone else lurking in the shadows photographing my somewhat less that dignified efforts.

Nevertheless, it is a rather fun shot, yes?


S said...

uh ohhh...
am I in trouble for that shot?
I knew it.
Hey, i dont look so great as a totem pole if that makes you feel any better...and you two are BOTH hiding behind my fat arse so ya know, I was the brave one! LOL

Anonymous said...

love thing 2's t-shirt....

lime said...

oh it was a very fun shot! though i think thing two is a much cuter model.