Monday, February 20, 2012

I had a happy birthday!

 How could I not? I was taken out for Thai food and I got dark chocolate sea salt caramels.
I didn't ask, but based on the shape of the box I suspect Mr. Logo got a screaming deal on these.
Which is good because my OTHER present 
 was not exactly inexpensive.
I now have a 2010 Rav 4 in Barcelona Red, wheeeee!

I really like it.
Last year I was taken to Paris,
this year I got a car.
So far my 4th decade is ROCKIN' in the birthday gift department.
It is sort of looking like a Toyota lot around here though.
Ah well, they make some nice cars.


lime said...

i got a rock....

lol, glad your birthday was such a resounding success. happy happy!

S said...

Omg a car????? That does make up for the discount valentines chocy! Happy Birthday. Logo!!!

Jocelyn said...

I'm crazy for Toyotas and think you're awesome and still can't believe you got a car for your birthday. What kind of glamorous life do you life, lady?