Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I love the smell of Bengay™ in the morning...

Since the beginning of July I've been doing water aerobics at the local pool. It's a good way to take it easy on my very messed up knees and still get some exercise. As it happens, I am typically the youngest person there by about 20 years. I love hanging out with the old ladies at the pool; they are awesome.
As a bonus, I've been working out for over a month and my knees aren't killing me, so SCORE!

Also, they tell great stories and bring up really fascinating bit of history and culture.

Retro fitness moment

Also, I've been doing yoga. That, by the way, makes me a (proto) yogini, which is fun to say.
The teacher has been very clever about figuring out how to modify things for me so I can do all the various poses and stretches with my bum knees. I've gotten taller, and richer, and generally more successful since taking up yoga (this has been a sponsored ad :p).

At the pool there is one woman who slathers on the Bengay after getting out of the pool. The one day she applied her cream and then, before dressing, when into one of the stalls. Shortly thereafter such language erupted as I have never heard from such a sweet little gramma type.
Which just goes to show you... something.

Lesson of the day? Go potty before applying Bengay.


Bijoux said...

I remember that song from elementary school gym class!

lime said...

glad the water aerobics and yoga are doing your body good. grandma and the bengay...lawsie mercy....i'm just....yeouch!

The Grunt said...

Well, at least it wasn't Icy Hot.