Saturday, November 23, 2013

I love Seattle

On Thursday I had a late evening planned in Seattle and then the next morning I needed to be back at UW bright and early so Mr. Logo suggested I get a hotel room for the night in the U District which was a brilliant idea. I got a really good rate at the Deca Hotel and it included free parking, score!

My room was on the 9th floor, facing south-east. I took a crappy cell phone pic because it was gorgeous and here it is. Mt. Rainier is looking less impressive in the image, but you get the general idea.

My room was quite lovely and comfy, in addition to the great view.

 I also took a sunrise pic, again with the cell phone quality, but it was a great way to wake up, ya know, if I have to be awake when the sun is just rising. 

 The only thing that would have made it better would have been if I could have gotten lucky, but someone had to hold down the fort at home, and he did it well. I hope not to have to do this much, it could get expensive but if I have to do it, this is a pretty darn good way.


lime said...

groovy looking room and views that can't be beat. yep, i'd say getting lucky was all that was missing.

Bijoux said...

When I says the first photo in my reader, I thought it was my son's dorm! Crazy that it looks so si liar.

Yes, everyone loves hotel sex!

Bijoux said...

Similar.........darned iPad!

Jocelyn said...

I'm crazed for a hotel stay--even better, in fact, if I get some time alone (or with my Mr). Your photos made me want to go check in somewhere right now, in fact, with a bottle of wine and a desire to watch houses get flipped!