Saturday, December 28, 2013

Festivus, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Boxing Day

We do also celebrate the Solstice, so we fit a lot of partying into the winter break.
Here is a photo of our Festivus pole (aluminum, because of its great weight to strength ratio).

We had company for Festivus this year, as well Christmas Eve and Christmas.
Here is an awesome napkin fold Thing Two found online and executed brilliantly.

The Christmas tree, suitable for singing to,

and here is Thing Two with a gift from Cheesypickles, a Twinkie™ maker and the Twinkies he made in it.
He is also sporting a Christmas gift which reads,
"I brought the awesome. What did you bring?"

Now it is time to get ready for 2014.
Can you even believe that??


Bijoux said...

I'm always impressed with napkin creations. Happy New Year!

actonbell said...

Twinkies!!! He really did bring the awesome. 2014 sounds like sci fi, but here it comes...Happy New Year!

coopernicus said...

twinkie maker....gimmie!!! and the napkin fold thing rocks!