Saturday, June 07, 2014

Thing 1 graduates

 Here is Thing 1 and one of his buddies whose name is next alphabetically so they decided to show up in matching peace sign sunglasses and yellow and black feather boas. Why? Just 'cuz.
When a friend sent a text teasing him about the boa he replied with sass. She started laughing so hard she was worried she was going to get in trouble.

My dad and mother-in-law both came for the occasion and CheesyPickles joined us too, even though she and Thing One are no longer dating. Party at my house tomorrow to celebrate.
So proud of my baby man.


lime said...


i'm impressed he could get away with the special accessories. over here the admins have giant sticks up there asses and such shenanigans would get a kid thrown out of the ceremony.

Logophile said...

it IS the west coast,
but they wore it for the loop around the stadium, removed it all for the ceremony, getting their diploma, etc. and then put it back on again afterward.