Thursday, November 20, 2014

Moving on

Perry's new people came and picked him up Saturday. He has made himself right at home, accepting their affection and taking over their dog's heated bed when he is out visiting. They sent the photo above today. I am glad he is doing well and fitting right into their home and lives. It is sad to see our empty corner but it is awesome to know he is with people who are home all day and in love with him.

I miss him. He was a big part of life for years and I don't let go easily, even when it is for the best.

life goes on.

Working and schooling and commuting, and letting Thing Two drive me around so he can get his practice drive hours logged. Just to ensure you understand the terrifying implications of the above statement... I am talking about this kid.

I mean, yeah, that was a couple years ago, but still, holy frijoles.

So between that and trying to make sure I do enough laundry that my family doesn't go naked... yeah, I'm all booked up.

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lime said...

glad perry is happy. the driving thing....lord have mercy.