Monday, November 12, 2007

We're sorta kinda mostly done, in a way...

This is how my breakfast room looks now.
The bamboo flooring is lovely and the walls and trim are just about done.
The baseboards still need to be painted and reinstalled and there are some curtains yet to come.
We are going to replace the chairs, possibly the light fixture, and put some cute storage cabinets into the room as well but I already love it. The absence of pink probably has a lot to do with that affection.
Here is the flying frog in his new home; he seems comfortable.

Oh, and it's Monday again, so here is some music,

by special request of Diesel (blame him).


actonbell said...

Your breakfast room looks great! I love the color and the flying frog is divine. I can see your beautiful fall colors outside those fabulous windows, too.

Gawpo said...

I like the Holy Spirit hanging from the corner. Nice touch. Kinda spooky, but hey---it's spiritual.

And those light bulbs that save you energy. I like how the light spins like a tornado out of them. I guess you can't see it, really. But they say that's how the light comes out.

S said...

OMG I love Diesels choice for Musical Monday. You know, I pretty much only listened to the Dead, Dylan, LA Punk/ALT music in the 80' metallll!
So um, I erm, have never heard this song before! Blush blush. But I liked it.

Ok that one guys jeans are so tight you can see his DNA. And Um, the hair...ack ack ack!

Ann(ie) said...

I love that color. I want to paint my downstairs tiny little bathroom that color.....I'm in love with that green!!!!

furiousBall said...


love that bamboo floor, great colors too.

lime said...

how coudl ya not love the flying frog. now we really know why youwent with the green paint. whatever the color i LOVE the windows and all the light you get in there. fabulous.

Nessa said...

I love the room too. Very fresh and happy.

Anonymous said...

looking good.

Since you are taking requests, how bout some classic alternative or
70's stuff?

tsduff said...

Good call on the chairs -
I painted my bedroom that color when I was in highschool - still do like that color.

Diesel said...