Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's a new dawn, it's a new's even a new year!

Well, we've all survived the holidays as nearly as I can tell, and we even had fun.
You can't beat that, can you?
However, I must share a trauma, every year this happens.
I open my box of tree decoration and a ghastly sight greets me.
Ohhh, the horror of it all.
We received this tree skirt as a gift some time ago. It is not, I grant you, hideous.
But it is...cutesy.
Such a thing can hardly be borne!
Mr. Logo and I were discussing the fact that every year as I pull this out I say,
"UGH! We need a new tree skirt."
By the time I finish decorating the tree though I don't really want to go shopping.
Then it gets covered up with gifts and then its time to put it away.
So it has stayed well past its welcome.
We discussed the suitability of a black tree skirt with flames around the edge and perhaps some nice skulls wearing santa hats but had to sadly conclude we'd never seen one and they are probably not widely available.
I do love most of my tree decorations.
We have a Christmas geoduck,
bungee penguins,
other penguins,
a motorcycle ornament,
and of course, a collection of fine Thing-made ornaments
(I don't know either, just say something affirming).
this year I went shopping after Christmas with my mom.
And what to my wondering eyes should appear but...

a black tree skirt!

Now, granted, there are no flames, skulls or santa hats, but still, I don't believe you could accuse it of being cutesy.

Color me pleased.

For my next post I believe I shall share photos of my new Christmas gifts. Looking at them brings me great joy and therefore I have concluded everyone else would undoubtedly like to see them too! You would, right? Right??


VE said...

Now if you can do a black and white Christmas tree too...then I'll be impressed.

lime said...

it's swirly in a vincent vangogh sort of way. not at all cutesy.

hopefully when you post other pictures my computer will let me see them because right now it only lets me see the motorcycle and the decidedly uncutesy tree skirt.

Seamus said...

Did your geoduck drip on your black skirt??? Bwahahahaa! ;)

tsduff said...

You scored! Great tree skirt. I got a motorcycle ornament for Christmas this year too.

actonbell said...

LOL. Black with flames:) You did find a lovely tree skirt, though.Ours is boring Santa-red. The cat likes to sit on it. I'll have to watch her.

Why, of COURSE I'd like to see pictures of your presents!

egan said...

Well at least you have cool ornaments. I now know not to sew you a cutesy tree skirt for next Christmas. Consider yourself lucky. Happy New Year!

Tom & Icy said...

hey! The black tree sounds wowy, with a string of blinking skull lights from the Halloween decorations box. Talk Thing into taking Home Ec and maybe he could sew some flames and skulls on the new skirt. Or flick your Bic.

Nessa said...

I would love to see you prezzies.

Now it's time to look for iron on's at fabric stores to get that skirt looking the way you want.

Nessa said...

Or make your own transfers on the computer with t-shirt transfer paper.

furiousBall said...

A Christmas geoduck! That rules!

The Grunt said...

You are so goth with that black tree skirt.

Jocelyn said...

Hot damn, woman. You and your skirt have moved up in the world.

That means, um, that your tree looks sharp now and your thigh is showing.

Candace said...

Oh, that IS cool! I bet you could appliquee on some skulls and flames and stuff. ^_^

Does this mean you're wearing the Christmas Tree skirt now? Cuz that would not be cool.

Can't wait to see your goodies! OK, you know what I mean. :-P

Mr. Fabulous said...

Why doesn't Mr. Logo just take the old tree skirt out into the driveway and shoot it, like he did the CAT! LMAO

Hobbes said...

That is indeed a beautiful tree skirt, and really puts the old red blanket Dr. Weirsdo and I use to shame.
I answered your comment about Thing 1's historical objections to National Treasure 2, or whatever it's called. Toyplayer likewise had problems with the film's "history."

Dorky Dad said...

WHAT? You have a motorcycle ornament? Whoodathunkit? Certainly not me.

Dang. I don't want to take the tree down. That's work.

Flash said...

My tree skirt actually has flames on it! It's black and red with these spiky lines on it. I love it.

My first tree skirt was an old blanket.

but I like your new one.

Blither said...

Oo.. The pretty pretty tree skirt leaves me green with jealousy.

I'd most definitely be tickled to see what the lucky Ms Logo received this year for Christmas gifts!

Cheers Bella Happy New Year!

Logophile said...

VE~ Hmmm, an interesting proposal, I shall consider this challenge carefully.

Lime~ Well, at least you got to see the best parts. hope the next batch work out better.

Seamus~ Eow! Is THAT what's all sparkly?? :p

TSDuff~ Oooh, you should post a photo of your motorcycle.

Actonbell~ As you wish! Ariella just likes to knock all the decorations off. The ones her tail doesn't send flying she actually does with her paw. Such a naughty princess she is!

Egan~ If you sew it, I will use it, just because it's from you. happy New Year to you!

Icy~ Flicking the Bic would probably be quickest but the effect would not last long.

Nessa~ I like those ideas, but now the swirlies are really growing on me, I may be able to forego the flames and skulls.

Furiousball~ Thank you, thank you. Nothing says, "Let's get jolly!" like a geoduck in a santa hat.

Grunt~ I am the most goth mom in my homeschool coop, so, um yeah, not so very :p

Jocelyn~ Woo hoo, I feel all racy now. That's a good thing, right?

Candace~ No, I passed the tree skirt on to my mom who seems pleased with it. Goodies coming up!

Fab~ It wouldn't bleed, so what's the point :P

Weirsdo~ Ah yes, the question is now, how many people are going to schedule a vaca to the Black Hills looking for Olmec artifacts?

Dorky Dad~ I know, expect the unexpected, right? As for taking the tree down, ii yii yii, maybe Mr. Logo has a point about the fake tree thing.

Flash~ that sounds great, how fun!

Blither~ Mwah! Nice to see ya, gorgeous, thank you, thank you, gifts coming right up, your wish is my command.