Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm not really here ** updated

because I have a lot of living to do.

I've been visiting family,

and getting my car worked on,

and testing driving cars,

and taking my dog to the vet (annual deal, no big whoop),

I went for a little hike in a lovely park not too far away,

browsed in my local indie bookstore,

mowed my lawn,

watched my husband play softball,

went to the movies,

all because...


Thing One is visiting the Aged Ps and Thing Two is at camp.

Tomorrow, a galpal and I are going on a much anticipated motorcycle ride together.

Thursday I'm going to hang out with another pal, till I take him to the airport.

This week is flying by and the weather is AWESOME!
Photos from the gal's day out.


Nessa said...

I didn't see kissing the huys on your list. Is that implied?

Bsoholic said...

haha! Enjoying life to the fullest while the things are away eh? Have fun! :)

Gawpo said...

I loved all the pitchers on the other posts, too, Ms. Kid-free-for-a-minute Logophile lady person friend.

Fidalgo Bay coffee? That all ya got? Well I happen to have a blue coffee cup that I bought at a different island and it gots the island's name on it and I bought it with my own money and you was there!!!!

And maybe I'm gonna see you reeeeeely soon again!!!!


S said...

Have a fun week, missy.


lime said...

kinda nice when the kids are away huh?

Fred said...

We had a few days like that. It was relaxing, but I was glad when they all made it home safe and sound.