Thursday, July 31, 2008

A mini-tour

through my bookmarks is the featured special of the day.
In addition to all the lovely blogs and such listed over there >>>
I also have some other favorite spots.

The Seattle Daily Photo blog is a fabulous view of our fair city. Kim, the photographer, always seems to find something interesting, beautiful, or thought provoking to share.

My fav web comics are Questionable Content and xkcd (where you can order this shirt), which is why they are both in the side bar.

I do also quite enjoy Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.
This next one is an AOL site but I swear it doesn't suck. Ficlets is an idea vaguely related to flash fiction but its MORE... check it out.
Susie led me to these puzzles ages ago. They are pretty interesting and once you get the hang of how they work it's a fun way to kill some time. If you like that at all you will love THIS, courtesy of She Who Shall Not Be Named.
Into documentaries? Get a load of this. And if you are a total history geek, not that we know any of THOSE, this is a pretty cool resource.

Then there is
I will stop there, share some of your favorites in the comments, hmm?


S said...

Currently hooked on Cubis 2 again...such pretty colors~
and to level 6 with one box left.....Wizard First Class!

And you forgot to link the Shakespearean Insult Slinger!


Breazy said...

I wish I had time to check out sites like this. Maybe since the kids are starting school tomorrow I can get back on a routine and squeeze in some time, I think my favorite was the church signs.

Thanks Logo!

Btw...I gave you a special award on my blog.

furiousBall said...

i love xkcd, i actually linked to their frustration comic for today in my own links. off to check the others now. thanks for sharing

Gledwood said...

hey there Logophile... ever been diagnosed with logorrhoea?

I have and frequently get told to shut up... (nearly all the time, in fact ;->...)