Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rage, rage against the dying of the light*.

Sunset before 4:30 gets a little depressing.
Today, in my corner of the map, the sun will not set until after 5.
I like that.
Yesterday was sunny and almost 50 degrees. YAY!
We've actually had a couple days this month that made it over the 50 degree mark.
Red Molly and I are watching.

Now that Mr. Logo is back to the whole working for a living thing (YAY!) life is starting to reorient to something vaguely resembling a routine.
It's a bit of a challenge though. Most mornings what I'd most like to do is stay in bed,
only until about....say, 10:30. Then I would stay up till 2 AM so it all evens out in the end.
Instead, I do get up and get school going for the Things. We are members of a cooperative that meets once a week. In our last term (Sept. - Nov.) there was a current events class that coincided with the election.
My children were revealed as the local raving liberals of the homeschool set and
they are now being held personally responsible for the current administration by their schoolmates. That has served to spur them to greater interest in matters political. I approve.
I didn't even have to force them to watch the Inaugaral Address (even though I'd just made them watch the entire I Have a Dream speech on MLK day).
That man is, as the very Republican EES (Esteemed Elder Sister observed), a silver tongued devil. She even teared up a little.

Anyway, there is a job, and there is daylight, and for now, that is enough.

*Yah, yah, I know this is NOT what the poem is about. It was just the first title-ish sounding phrase that popped into my head.


furiousBall said...

logo, this is such a fantastic testament to a parent teaching your kids to think for themselves. good job amiga (and mr. logo too of course)

actonbell said...

Well, congrats on everything!

And I'm green that you're experiencing 50 whole degrees out there.

Breazy said...

This year I am already wanting Spring and that want normally doesn't start until March arrives. I am just tired of the cold, I want to get outside and work in the yard, go walking in the park...something.

Have a great day!

lime said...

i can just imagine the stir the things have created among the mini republican wannabes. bwahahahaha.

Doug said...

Yeah, congratulations on it all. Rabbit rabbit.

egan said...

And how about today? It's awesome outside.