Sunday, February 01, 2009

You can be an anagram

Just go over here.

Here are some of the variation of Logophile as an anagram:
Help Igloo Leg Hi Loop Leg Hi Pool
Leg Hi Polo Leg Ooh Lip Leg Oho Lip
Leg Hop Oil Gel Hi Loop Gel Hi Pool
Gel Hi Polo Gel Ooh Lip Gel Oho Lip
Gel Hop Oil Ogle Hi Pol Ogle Hi Lop
Ogle Phi Lo Ogle Hip Lo Ogle Oh Lip
Hie Glop Lo Hie Go Poll Hell Go Poi
Hell Goo Pi Hell Goop I Hello Go Pi
Hole Pig ...
you get the idea.
Go try it!
Or if you'd rather be Feng Shui, you can go see what they have to tell you about that over at Blogthings. Evidently our feng is very shui.
Your Feng Shui is Amazing
Your home is the perfect place to work, play, and unwind.
Beautiful and streamlined - you understand the importance of design and flow.
Your home is not weighted down by clutter, but it's not austere or sterile.
You treat your home well, and as a result, it treats you well!


lime said...

not a lot can be done with "lime."

there ya go.

as for my feng shui...they tell me it's decent but needs work. oh well, i will add it to the list.

tsduff said...

I love your blogthings quizzes... but my feng shui was cluttered. I know.

I have no anagrams :(

S said...


MIEL is honey

Does the word have to make sense?

Shouldnt you be teaching school?

Jocelyn said...

Anagrams of my full name invariably contain the words "Hajji" and "Jerkily."

Just sayin'.

G said...

G - "G"

Apparently my feng shui is "comfortable enough." It's a work in progress.

Breazy said...

I got the same result you did on my feng shui.

Hope you have a good day!

Logophile said...

Lime~ Heh heh, get your feng on

Terry~ That's ok, I have anagrams but they are all terrible.
Hell pig... I ask you!!

Susie~ I think they do, but I have no idea, really. As for school? I've decided to let 'em be growed up all natural like.

Breazy~ Thanks, you too, sweet thing.
Jocelyn~ Still doesn't top hell pig

G~ You are perfect backward OR forward.