Friday, February 13, 2009

Do you feel loved?

Thing One made this for me!!
Is he not clever and awesome?!
Whew, I'm worn out from all that exclaiming.
Fits of parental pride can be exhausting.

Tomorrow is the big day for all the attached romantics out there.

Mr. Logo no doubt has something sweet and wonderful planned.
I plan to give him the card I bought last year and lost, forcing me to run to my small collection of stamps and construction paper, and cut out magazine words to make him something he mistook for a death threat.
I found the card tucked into the book I'd been reading. I evidently thought it would be a good bookmark. As you can tell, I'm a romantic through and through.

I usually opt for the funny cards. If, on the blessed day of St. Valentine you can get funny and suggestive, even BETTER!!

I really do love Mr. Logo though.

This last card is for him.

This is where you can find more of these awesome cards.


furiousBall said...

that was so sweet, happy v-day to ya!

Nessa said...

Nothing says happy Valentine's Day like a little massacre.

S said...

Well I cannot tell if Thing One sewed that or what? If he indeed sported a needle and thread to make that bag, then I am truly impressed!

Ask Thing One if he needs a job, I could use a sewing assistant.

Greetings from India Lo.

lime said...

thing one is fabulous. will he make me one?

i am all about the anti-valentines myself

fat, naked, armed, and dangerous...that's me

Ann(ie) said...

what a talented kiddo! I love me that bag!!

Hobbes said...

That is a great bag.
Mall Diva supplies all our card needs. Her supermodel snow women were inspired for the holidays.