Friday, February 06, 2009

55 word Flash Fiction

Salt air swirled with a menacing flourish as her kayak paddle knifed urgently into the water, leaving a gurgling in its wake. Seeing the clouds gather and loom to the west inspired her to quicken her pace. The tide and wind were both against her, but it was hours till sundown. She could make it…probably.
It's been a while since I did a flash fiction so I figured it was time.

This weekend my papa is turning 70. This is the man.
Some of you may recall when a blogger pal did a little morphing?

This is dad and me mixed together. Frightening, eh?

Anyway, have a great weekend, everybody!


actonbell said...

Great flash! That was cool. The morphing is scary but also impressive. Happy Friday:)

tsduff said...

ahhhh!! That picture on top of the water is much nicer (in fact IT IS GORGEOUS!) than the morphed one... I mean, love your parents and all, but there is a limit to "being one"... just sayin...

lime said...

very ominous 55...very scary morph!

hope dad had a very happy birthday :)

S said...

You look like that Suzanne Powter chick with that white hair!

Put the red hair back PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Dad~

Please do a morph of your hair on your dad!! LOL

Greetings from India, madam!