Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good night, good work. I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

As is inevitably the lot of all parents, I have these up and down moments.
Some days I see the amazing growth, the maturity, and the development of these amazing human beings and I think, they can do anything! They could lead the free world, cure cancer, be husbands who always put the toilet seat down, or end world hunger.

Then they pull some bone-headed maneuver and I wonder if they will make it to adulthood, or even the next day alive. Thing One obtained a retired candle so he got some gasoline, a long handled match and proceeded to experiment with these item IN THE GARAGE!! The garage where we keep the three wheelers (including the one that leaks gas) and two motorcycles.

My mom has said in the past, when people were being excessively anxious about their children, "It's ok, let the six year old child learn to walk down stairs alone, after all, you're young, you can have more!"
So when my children try to take their own lives I think to myself, They need to stop that! I'm
not young anymore, I am not having more!!

For the last few days Thing One has been working on a duct tape tote bag for me. It is yellow and gree stripes and I am so looking forward to using it. I will definitely let him live another day.


lime said...

you must show us a picture when it is done. the eldest limelette made a duct tape wallet for her brother for christmas.

Nessa said...

Children are a wonderful joke God plays on us.

Breazy said...

I know those kind of days. I always say that I could handle 20 giggling, prissy daughters better than I can my one 11 yr. old son. Those boys are creative!

Happy Valentine's Day!