Friday, April 10, 2009

melanzane alla parmigiana

I have constructed an eggplant parmesan to bring to a potluck dinner tonight.
Several of my galpals are getting together for an Italian evening.
One is bringing spaghetti with clam sauce, oh yum.
I don't make eggplant parmesan very often. It's too much work and um, it's not exactly light and healthy fare.
But DAAAAAAAANG it's good.
Here are the leftovers which will be consumed before the evening is out.
Here is my great creation, headed into the oven,

and here is the ensuing carnage.

I'm off to tidy up now before Mr. Logo comes home and that vein on his forehead starts twitching.

Oh, and I'm going to Ocean Shores this weekend, hope you all have a great Easter and whatnot. I'll be hanging at the beach till next Friday.



Nessa said...

I say escape to the beach and leave the mess.

furiousBall said...

thanks i just ruined a keyboard with drool

lime said...

your carnage is nothing really. but enjoy the beach. that sounds like much fun.

Fred said...

We share the same vein.

Seamus said...

Hey! You can send those leftovers my way!!!!!!!!! MMMMMM!

Happy Easter Logo!

Ann(ie) said...

I wanna come to your next italian gathering!!! I don't live far away and I'll bring good vino. 8)
Have a blast at the beach and happy easter!!

S said...

I think leaving the mess would be worth watching the forhead vein twitch.

I love eggplant parm and yes it takes forever to make and 20 minutes to eat. We havent made it for about 15 years!
In fact we are in the discussion phase of planning to make it now.

Breazy said...

Hey I know a piece of Pampered Chef baking stones when I see one! I have the exact same one and many others to keep it company. The food looks so yummy. Hope you all are doing well. :)

Hobbes said...

A belated Happy Easter to you and your family.

tsduff said...

It is all bliss! Ummmm eggplant, and *SIGH* - the beach. What more could one want? Have a blast - xo