Monday, April 27, 2009

Bouncing Off Clouds

My first ride or two of each year tend to be pretty slow and easy; far more on the side of cautious than carefree, especially if I am toting one of the kids.
Curves are strictly steered from pushing the handle bar and outside, inside, outside around the bends.
I've been out a couple times now and this weekend I took some back roads with lovely twisties. It was awesome.

I wasn't doing wheelies but it still felt pretty good and the road was thankfully free of homicidal, road-raging Californians.

Good times


furiousBall said...

i wasn't doing wheelies either, it's cool

S said...

Say what? Vrooommmm, vrooom, I'm gonna get you for that.

I know you dig that Red Molly. Have fun, missy!

lime said...

last weekend i had my first ride of the season. aaahhhhhh....

give red molly a spin for me, will ya?

Hobbes said...

No bugs in the teeth?

Jocelyn said...

I love what the change of seasons means to each person. Here I am, straining for a glimpse of a tulip shoot, and you're out taking gentle curves.

Breazy said...

I am just glad to have warmer days and beautiful lush, green trees now instead of the dead looking sticks our trees become during winter.

Sounds like you had a good ride.

Take care!