Monday, June 15, 2009

Care to take a tour around my garden?

This is the new flower bed built around trees that grew in the yard of Logo.

This is the concrete, shiny and new, that lay in the backyard of Logo.

This is the shrub by the corner of the house that sits in the curve, all lovely and round, in the exposed aggregate concrete, all shiny and new, that lay in the backyard of Logo.

These are the shrubs, all weeded and mulched, surrounded by border laid by Mr. Logo that grew in the front yard of Logo.

This is the excavator, loaned by a friend, that made hard work easier here in the driveway of Logo.

These are sticks planted by Thing One to train Ariella to agilely run, that tripped the younger brother and caused much distress, here in the backyard of Logo.

Here are more plants that make Mr. Logo so proud, that require much watering, attention, and time, here in the yard of the Logo.

Here is the little frog shelter out front,

and here is Thing Two running with Ariella in front,

and here is a bat box made from online directions, facing the sun in a nice warm location, that lies northeast of flower bed trees, out in the front yard of Logo.


Tom & Icy said...

That sure is beautiful. But it scared us for a moment when we saw the frog shelter; looked like graves. Glad to see Ariella is doing well.

S said...

You have the best yard in all the world! I want flat green grass that doesnt grow 5 feet high!
I want a lawn that is completely level and not full of gopher holes to trip in!

Beautiful yard!

lime said...

i want to come to the yard of logo

Logophile said...

Tom and Icy~ I hadn't thought of it before, but I can see how you could reach the graveyard conclusion. Ariella is happy as can be.

Susie~ There is the occasional gopher hole but usually they are not too bad...usually.

Lime~ You've an open invitation; we'd love to have you come anytime.

Fred said...

Wonderful tour, Logo. I enjoyed it.

Jocelyn said...

You are SOO my kind of people. Gorgeous stuff!