Sunday, June 28, 2009

Life's for living, yeah, that's our philosophy...

After MUCH deliberation Mr. Logo opted for a charcoal grill rather than a gas one. He had been digging it the most and grilling just about EVERYTHING.
That is our dinner from tonight. Grilled salmon and pineapple with some pasta made fresh 'matoes and basil I ripped off the plant in my kitchen windowsill, yum!
Here are the newest set of improvements to the back of my house. The river rock border along the concrete has little solar lights in it you can see the picnic table where we have been eating most of our evening meals. It was too chilly by the time we got dinner ready tonight though.
We are getting downright European! When it doesn't get dark till after 9 somehow dinner at 8 seems more reasonable.

The arbor is going to be home to some climbing plant or other; I'm still deciding what though. We want something that will flower for most of a season and will attract hummingbirds.
Oooo, and I recently disovered I love curly willows and mock orange trees.
I think I want some!


actonbell said...

Very nice! Everything. And I so agree about the joys of later dinners.

S said...

One day I will have a flat, green lawn.

We grill and eat outside a lot too. That way we can toss the leftover stuff like corn cobs into the blackberry bushes like good ol country folk.

Are we asking for trouble?

I love the "OK honey I'll just toss together a salad while you make meat!" nights. (rrrrip the sound of readymix salad package opening) (just kidding)

Summer is such hard work.

lime said...

looking lovely. grilled pineapple...mmmm.

do you people get enough sun to use solar lighting? lol

Fred said...

I love a charcoal grill. But, I'm too lazy to do all the work that comes with it.

The meal looks great. Mr. Logo may be ready for the Food Network.