Monday, August 24, 2009

Hurry! Summer's almost over!

We've been keeping plenty busy around here and can hardly believe it's almost school time again.
Here is a picture of Thing One and some of his buddies at an end of summer party.

This summer he and his dad have been working on his grown up room. He now has a loft bed with a desk underneath that he and his dad built themselves.
I will have to get back there and take some pics. It is a thing of beauty.
The Aged Ps decided to do some clearing out so Thing Two got a desk.
Here he is enthusiastically helping me with sanding it.
Thing Two also got a fish last Friday. It was a beautiful blue and red half moon betta.
The observant reader will note that this fish above does not resemble the above description. That would be because Saturday evening the first betta (the Alpha Betta, as we have been calling him) decided to commit suicide. It was quite tragical.
The next day the pet store replaced Alpha Betta with Beta Betta (aka, the Bettah Betta) you see here.
The Bettah Betta seems to be settling in though he is not eating yet.
As fun as it is to buy school supplies I am not entirely certain I'm ready for summer to end.


Seamus said...

Catching up here! Loved your pics of the Hoh - really made me homesick!

lime said...

so how exactly did the alpha beta commit suicide? jumped out of his bowl?