Tuesday, August 04, 2009


we decided we needed to get the heck out of Dodge. Our first choice for a vacation spot (the Esteemed Elder Sister's guest room) was already booked (by the Aged Ps).
So we headed for the coast. We've been camping out, and we are having a blast.

Mr. Logo is a camp cook extrodinare and Thing One and Thing Two have been charming and helpful. It's actually been going so well, I'm puzzled.
We went to the Hoh Rainforest.

We watched elk cross the river and walked right past this deer as it snacked on leaves.
They are very bold.
The rainforest, provides ideal growing conditions for the trees, moss, and so on. Here is Thing Two providing a comparision at the foot of a Sitka.
Thing One took this pic.
Thing Two liked the way the moss was growing here like an archway.
Here is a nurse log.
This is the uprooted remains of several trees that had grown together. They went over this winter.
We thought this looked like animal head.
Wolf? Bluejay? What do you see?
We also went to the Olympic Game Farm.
The Things, who were smiling at the camera just microseconds before this instant were distracted by the llama who was approaching me to rub against my head.
We drove through and saw some of these,
and some of these,
some of these,
and we all really liked feeding bread to these.
There were peacocks, and peahens.The bison have HUGE prehensile Jabba the Hut tongues, gack~
But the fallow deer were so sweet and let us pet them and feel their antlers.
The white rhino is either impressively mellow or deeply depressed.
Here's a llama, there's a llama
and another little llama,
fuzzy llama funny llama,
llama llama duck.
Here are the yaks. These yaks are gentle and willing to take bread from your hand and let you pet them.
Thing Two was a little unsure about the whole deal at first, but he got the hang of it.

The Game Farm has some pros and cons but is mostly a really fun way to spend some time.


lime said...

very cool vacation spots. i learned about nurse logs too! never knew that before. llamas and bison and yaks, oh my!

actonbell said...

Great photos! Looks like wild fun:)
Ekim and I still have a chuckle over a ZooAmerica sign that said, "Bison are gregarious." Hmmm

Hope the heat calms down a bit for you.

S said...

How fun is this vacation? I see that thing one is clearly taller than all of us now.
BTW, Little Rita is 5'2" now.

You know you did the right thing heading west, Keri was at the Gorge during heat wave!

Have fun, I see you brought laptop with you on trip.