Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In which we elaborate upon the topic of Airzooka.

There appeared to be much curiosity and enthusiasm regarding Airzooka.

Allow me explain.
In the Pacific Science Center there is a store where you can buy all manner of stuff, ranging from vaguely science-y all the way to actually science-y.

There, in the shaft of light streaming from the heavens, Airzooka™ revealed itself to me. I didn't then know how, or when, but I knew that one day it would be mine,
oh yes, it would be mine.
My children attempted to obtain for me a mini-airzooka, but alas, it was not to be. They had been discontinued so a full sized Airzooka was my clearly my destiny.

ThinkGeek , with their delicious, bizarre, irresistable merch would once again supply just what I needed.

So there you have it, children,
the story of Logo™ and her Airzooka™;
and they lived happily ever after.


Doug said...

Wow! It's like a blog you can feel!

S said...

So, what are you gonna zooka?

furiousBall said...

that thing is sweet

actonbell said...

You KNOW what kids will do with this, and it's way better than lighting them, I suppose...

lime said...

LOL, the video was hilarious. i am glad to know we are safe from attack from the russians due to your acquisition of an airzooka.

Nessa said...

I want one, too.

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誰輸的 said...
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