Sunday, January 29, 2012

Don't do this!

It's bad for your face.
Also, getting a tetanus booster shot hurts like a *insert shockingly bad words here*

I may never be able to use my arm again! Or least for like, another day, it might really feel sore when I raise it over my head, which is totally the same thing in drama drama land.


Jocelyn said...

Tetanus booster shot? NOOOOOOOOO!

Okay, so what are you overthinking, lassie?

Cooper said...

wimp. that looks like a decent way to clear out the sinuses, tho.

Logophile said...

Joc~ I was at a funeral last weekend. Friend of the family died at 55 just 6 months after a cancer diagnosis. It provoked some soul-searching and priority reconsideration.
I may have a post on this brewing... or it may just boil over and make a mess all over the stove-top. Not sure which way it's going yet.

Cooper~ as I've told my honey more than once, I am ALLOWED to be a pussy.

actonbell said...

Sympathetic ear, here; I hate being stuck!

lime said...

oh gees, now look at the mess i have to clean up!

Logophile said...

actonbell~ The poke itself was easy-peasy, it was the muscle ache afterward that was killing me! I can still feel it but it's not painful anymore. I'm surprised how sore I was.

Limey~ So sorry. You were warned.