Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

 Lacrosse claims to be a spring sport. This is patently false. I have a calendar and I know when spring started. Thing Two had already had weeks of practices and a couple games before we were officially in spring. There was a lot of playing and practicing in the rain...
 and the mud. They are hard working kids though. They've won 7 of their last 9 games. We have one game left in the official season and although the break from 4x weekly practices will be nice, it will be a little sad too.

OK, so next, the play Thing One and Thing Two have been rehearsing for the last two months.
It was an homage to Broadway with a lot of great songs from tons of different plays; Cinderella, Bye Bye Birdie, Kiss Me Kate, Annie Get Your Gun, Oliver, Little Mermaid, Sound of Music, Lion King, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Godspell, and Suessical, just as a partial list.
This is Oh, the Thinks You Can Think, starring Thing One's best buddy as the Cat in the Hat.
(Thing One is visble in the red shirt, center right if you feel compelled to admire him, Thing Two is over to the far right, out of frame)
 This is a rehearsal shot. They spent so much time putting the show together and it totally paid off.
It was a fun play and they did a great job. Thing One isn't sure he will have time to do more productions, with his class load next year but I rather hope he can find a way to fit it in. Now that he is driving he can get himself and his brother to practice but more importantly, it's been such a great experience for him.

Thing Two is just starting to come into his own as far as acting goes. If he decides to stick with it, I think he will have a great time with it too.

So Friday and Saturday I got to go watch that, one night with my honey and the second night with my aunt. We both agreed my mom would have loved seeing the kids on stage. She loved theater.

Today we went to a lovely brunch, then to see The Avengers, then we took a little time to do some work around the house (I painted bookshelves) and THEN Mr. Logo and I went out for a motorcycle ride.
It was a pretty good weekend all around.


coopernicus said...

Drama stuff rules. That was the best part of high school...being in the drama group and doing all the shows. GO Things uno y dos.

lime said...

i miss being in the drama dept in school! glad they've had such fun with it.