Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hyperbole is the best thing EVER!

Seen this lately?  I have. Researched it. This chart overstates and doesn't credit sources. *sigh*
The real US statistic is closer to half this one, which is bad enough. Why lie?

In other news,
Thing One and Thing Two are seeing the end of summer loom menacingly before them. They have new school clothes and fresh pencils. Soon, soon it will begin.

My dad decided to sell his house. My sister and I went to help him sort out my mom's stuff. It was quite a job. Her toothpaste and toothbrush were still in the bathroom drawer. Everything was exactly as she left it.
We also had to empty the whole house, and believe me, there was no shortage of stuff.
10,000 pounds went to the dump. 5 SUV loads went to local thrift shops, and we still have more to go.
That doesn't count the furniture, odd and ends, and 40 some-odd Rubbermaid tubs full of stuff dad decided to keep.

My bro-in-law is currently replacing walls, windows, toilets, flooring, and miscellaneous odd and ends.We are all headed over there to help paint this week, which should be the tail end of the prep. I am just hoping it sells fast.

My sister plans to move and the bro-in-law is going to add a little cottage for dad to live in. He will divide his time between my house and hers, and that is probably better for him in the long run, especially since home maintenance has never been his passion.

Also, Mr. Logo has been offered a job. That is a pretty good thing.


lime said...

well no wonder we haven't been hearing much from you. wowzers, that's a lot to sort through! glad the news seems positive though.

coopernicus said...

Ah yes, The cleaning out, Been there and don't want to do it anymore...although I fear one is coming close to home...back up the 10 yard dumpster to the front door please...

good news on the j-o-b.