Saturday, August 25, 2012

I made this!

So, I likes the art.
I think we've discussed this.
I decided to take an art survey class about ancient art. 
It seemed like it would be fun, interesting, and educational. 
well, turns out the very enthusiastic instructor is of the opinion that the best way to appreciate ancient art is to replicate it. I am entirely convinced but here are my efforts, by era.

Cave painting, a la French caves. 

hieroglyph panel of spending eternity in the afterlife doing the stuff I like to do now, reading, riding my motorcycle (make sure you bury that with me) and playing around online. There are laptops and interwebz in the afterlife, yah?

Here is my version of a Greek vase using red-figure and black-figure techniques. 
 Here is my, badly lit, mosaic. It is possible I phoned this one in.
So there ya have it, everything I know about ancient art.


lime said...

of course there are motorcycles and internet in the afterlife!

and ya know if we had to do a faux greek sculpture depicting the perfect physique i would have way too much fun with that.

Logophile said...

sculpting sexy bodies is a lot of work! Mine would end up looking vaguely reminiscent of Lego guys.
I haz skills,baby... but that ain't one of 'em.

coopernicus said...

i think you are ready for an Etsy page...if not eBay...

Logophile said...

more like regretsy
Have you seen that site?
Like to die from laughing at that stuff, whew

The Grunt said...

You can't spell "fart" without "art".