Sunday, October 28, 2012

Family Reunion

This is where I was this weekend.
We did a family reunion/retreat up in the foothills of the Cascades. Most of my family made it so there were about 44 of us. 
The lodge has some rooms with a queen sized bed or a pair of full sized bed but they also have family suite rooms with full-sized beds and two sets of bunks so even for the more productive members of the family it works out to have plenty of space. 
There was some hiking done, though it was drizzly or raining most of the weekend. A little rain never stops a true Washingtonian.
There was a fully-equipped commercial kitchen which makes cooking for a crowd that size soooo much easier. Different family members signed up for each meal and we ate very, very well. 

It was fun to get together and catch up with all the members of my family and learn what is new with them. We've decided not to wait so long to do it again. We are hoping to work it out for the end of June. Maybe then it will look as sunny as it does in the promo pic above!


Anonymous said...

Fun. I didn't know washington had sunshine....

lime said...

sounds like a fantastic weekend. glad you all had such a fun time. :)

Bijoux said...

Stopping by from Lime's place. That lodge looks beautiful. I love the western USA.

The Grunt said...

Ores above the bed? Interesting!