Saturday, October 20, 2012

To Kill a Mockingbird

Thing Two is taking a class on this classic of western literature. I got him the books on CDs in addition to the print copy. We read chapter one last week and today, during a marathon listening session while "cleaning" his room, Thing Two listened to Sissy Spacek read chapters 2-6. There was more listening than cleaning, but what's a logophile mom to do?
We also watched Hey, Boo, which is a documentary about the Nelle Harper Lee, the book, and the movie. It is really cool to see him enjoying the story. I got another book that gives some cultural background and historical context of the book which we've been looking through. Good stuff.

I love talking to the Things about what they are reading and seeing them develop a deeper understanding. Thing One just finished Heart of Darkness and we had some good talks about that too.

Having teenagers can have its downs but man, the ups are goooood.


Anonymous said...

The Spacek reading is a good one. I picked that up a couple years ago from the library. The fact that they made it through Heart of Darkness at all is amazing.

Anonymous said...

So when do they read Twilight?????

lime said...

great book! love it. love having the deeper conversations with the kids now that they are older too. it's part of our reward for letting them live this long.

and cooper should be slogged for mentioning "twilight."

Logophile said...

Coop~ His AP lit class is the only reason Thing One read it. It wasn't exactly voluntary. As for Twilight.. Thing One postulates that girls and gays are primary audience for the Twilight series. He says, "The small minority that does not fall into one of the previous categories are 'those people,' the people who are 'off.'"
He is quite the charmer, eh?

Lime~ slogged? Is that like flogged, or slugged, or me flogging him while you simultaneously slug him? Either way, I'm in. None of us at Casa de Logophile have read it, have any intention of reading it, and we all feel vaguely contemptuous of those who are fans.