Sunday, November 25, 2012

I luffs to share.

I have discovered a new thing, Upworthy.
The graphic above is from their site, as are the following two videos;

a promo for Goldie Blox, which my niece will be receiving,


the best safety video in the history of the interwebz.

Upworthy, I luffs it too, PLUS it is all about the sharing, which we already established I luff.


lime said...

ok, the pyramid...awesome. i want to print it out and mail it to my former employers who are entirely judgemental about people's health as a reflection of their moral integrity.

goldieblocks....very cook idea.

dumb ways to die....just plain hilarious.

three thumbs up. yeah, why not?

Bijoux said...

Considering the 'experts' no longer want to use the food pyramid, (because they keep coming up with something new), I'd say using nutrition information sparingly is accurate.

I saw that Ways to Die video last week at HappyPlace and it cracked me up! Should be on the radio, replacing that damn Gangnum Style thing.

And fortunately, I had a brother, so I just played with his Lincoln Logs and American Bricks.

Logophile said...

Lime~ as long as you borrow the third one rather than grow it yourself :p

Bijoux~ I loved Legos and Lincoln Logs as a kid too. I also really like this idea for my niece. It is right up her alley. I am cracking up thinking about hearing this on the radio, that would be awesome.