Sunday, December 02, 2012

The tenth month?

Well, it is December. Which mean Mr. Logo will celebrate his natal day and I am expected to do some shopping. 

 Additionally, my mother-in-law is visiting. While she is here we plan to go see King Tut and watch The Nutcracker. The PNB is suitably proud of it and the Maurice Sendak designs.

I am really looking forward to December 21st. The days will start getting long again, yay! Call me greedy if you like but I think anything less that 8 1/2 hours of day light borders on cruel and unusual. Clearly I would not survive in Alaska. Anyway, come on, December 21st!
I am looking forward to Christmas break; time to hang out with the offspring and getting to sleep in, yay!
It is rather odd to think another year is almost over though.
Times flies and all that. 


The Grunt said...

I would be looking forward to Christmas more if Jesus made an appearance and settled a few misconceptions about himself; that and I would love a hug and a "thumbs up" from him.

Howdy, Logo!

Logophile said...

Hello, dear.

Wouldn't that be awesome? He could work the money-changers over with a whip, set the Pharisees straight, and get on with blessing the cheese-makers.
Maybe he could even break down who exactly he meant by "the least of these."

Peace and good will, Grunty. We will have to make do with seeing Him in you so get back to work on righting those misconceptions.

Bijoux said...

This dusk at 4:30 does suck! As does "being expected to shop". LOL

lime said...

dec 21 will be an interesting day all the way around. the days should get longer after long as the mayans don't destroy us all. oh, and it's to be my first day of work!

coopernicus said...

see comment on Lime about The Nutcracker and bulging males. King Tut...with Steve Martin? How kewl would The Nutcracker be if it starred the original Saturday Night Live cast?

My brain needs work...