Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Valenbirthday!

This weekend fit nicely right between Valentine's Day AND
my forty-twoth birthday. Because he is all thoughtful and romantical and stuff like that Mr. Logo decided to take me away to celebrate the occasions with some time together.

He took me to Manresa Castle in Port Townsend.

 There is a view of it with the Olympic mountains in the back and below is a closer shot of the front.

It was quite lovely and romantical and they served some kick-ass salmon in the restaurant. It is also, by the way, haunted... according to some folks, though we have no stories to share. 
We also got to stroll through cute antique stores and an awesome used book store. We bought some cheese, crackers, and wine and had a picnic when the sun broke through in the afternoon as we sat at a little park and watched boats go by. It was lovely.
Thai for dinner topped it off beautifully.
Now... back to the grindstone.


Bijoux said...

Happy birthday! That outing sounds wonderful to me.

lime said...

happy brithday, logo! so glad mr logo was so good to you. sounds like a lovely time away indeed.

actonbell said...

Happy belated birthday! And that sounds like a most lovely birthday trip.