Friday, June 14, 2013

Look, photos!

Does that distract at all from the fact I haven't posted in a month?

Here is a snack I made: Rice Chex tossed with a little bit of coconut oil then toasted, throw in some raw almonds and Acai berries covered in dark chocolate, yum!
You should try it.
 Ariella went to see a groomer and get her hair did. Isn't she looking lovely?
 Here are my new Dansko shoes.
 Here is the Columbia River, which we cross at Vantage and 
 we stopped at the Wild Horses monument, which is awesome.
 Here is a plant I received from the Things and Cheesypickles for Mother's Day.
 Here are Cornish Pasties I made in memory of my mom whose birthday was May 27th. She was a great lover of the Cornish pasty and made them frequently during my childhood. I realized my kids had never tried them. They were not noticeably impressed. Ah well...
 Disapproving rabbit disapproves.
 A sign I found and might actually need for my house.
 Disapproving rabbit still disapproves.


Bijoux said...

Your rabbit is awesome! My kids never seem to like my childhood treats either. I am addicted to Brookside chocolate fruits. Addicted!

Anonymous said...

i want that sign....

lime said...

i still love the moniker "cheesypickles." also a fan of the sign and of pasties. yum!