Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thing Two is 14, can you even believe it??

Back when I started this blog Thing 2 was 6 years old. 
 This Nutella devouring photo is a repost of one of the early pictures of him on this blog.
 Here here is as a pirate, awwwwa, such a precious little pirate.
Fierce, I mean, FIERCE!

Here Thing 1 and Thing 2 discuss the lack of mental stimulation available in your average coloring book. 

Daw, is he not cute???

Years went by, and he became a lacrosse player.

A rabbit joined Ariella as co-custodian of the family and here is Perry monitoring Thing 2 during an online grammar class.

Here is Thing 2 and a buddy in their Lego class.
Yes, that is right, Lego class, homeschooling is the bomb.

Lastly, here is Thing Two on his birthday modeling just how grown up he really is these days.

Golly, I like that kid!


lime said...

happy birthday, thing 2! that's some impressive facial hair there! i guess by the time he is 18 he should have a beard to his knees.

Anonymous said...

14, eh? and i don't see any limbs in casts or scars - or do Mom and Dad have those????

Happy B'Day T2.

Jocelyn said...

He's super! Cute? YES. Interesting? For sure.

Well done, all of you.