Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Anniversary to us!

23 years I've been married as of Sunday last, which is amazing and perhaps even miraculous.
We left Thing One home to care for animals, ditched Thing Two with his best buddy, and headed north on our motorcycles. It was a great ride.

When we got to the Canadian border we requested a stamp in our passports. Usually I just carry my passport card but we wanted to get more ink in our booklets so we bought them along. The border guard humored us and we proceeded into the wilds of the far north.

The hotel we stayed in had the rooms arranged around a center atrium where the pool and hot tub area was decorated in a tropical motif. Our room, on the second floor, had a balcony overlooking the atrium and screened a bit by palm trees and such. It was kinda fun. The restaurant in the hotel actually looked pretty good but we had a full list of dining spots to try. I've been eating very clean lately and losing weight as a result. I decided to try and make good choices on this trip but consider this a good time for some judicious indulgences.

For dinner we had steak and crab-stuffed prawns with grilled broccolini and red bell peppers and garlic mashed potatoes. I decided to skip the potatoes and have dessert instead. We split an apple/cranberry crisp topped with dulce de leche and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream accompanied by some really good coffee. It was delightful.

For our anniversary breakfast we headed to Big Feast Bistro and Catering. They try to source their menu items from within 100 miles and use local organics. I had locally-caught crab (Vancouver Aquarium approved, no less) and free run eggs Benedict with avocado on sourdough. Mr. Logo had french toast with apple and bacon. It was all quite heavenly.

We visited some local sights and parks and generally relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. It was a very good anniversary.

This week I am headed to UW for some orientation and classes start next week, wheeee!


Bijoux said...

Fun anniversary! Congrats!

lime said...

sounds like a great time all the way around. happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

kewl - we hit 34 years on september 8. god that's such a big number...