Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Things end and things begin.

So for this summer I did a lot of sitting in this chair right here.
However, I did do a couple of other things, like observational studies about how much people noticed information board like this...

 and if they noticed them more when it was altered a bit so that it looked more like this.

 It was actually a really interesting and fun project and I enjoyed it a lot. I am a little sad that it is over even if I am really glad to have a couple days to sleep in.

I  also recently met really cool lady from Tibet and bought some great stuff from her and she gave me this lovely little bracelet at the end of our visit. She said it was a gift because I have a generous soul. It made me feel so good, and made me want to remember to do things like that for other people.

 I also finished a yoga intensive, after several months, and it was actually rather awesome. On our last day together we did an incredibly uncomfortable exercise in which we went around the room one-by-one and everyone listed traits or qualities of that person. Afterward we were to put the lists together and keep them where we could see them often (bathroom mirror, etc.). So I made this out of mine, which is not as purty as some, but I like it. I am going to take it off the wall soon and I decided to stick it here on the blog because I will inevitably lose the paper copy.

My phone died. It was a long loving relationship, but its time came. So I got a new phone with lots of interesting new features and I am still learning some of them. My children were teasing me while I was fiddling with it and I managed to strobe myself and take this photo which nicely encapsulates my puzzlement about the entire experience. It is getting better though and soon I shall be the master! You can totally see that from the pic, right?

I managed to also get some time to clean my horrifically messy bedroom. This is just the stuff that overflow from the corner and ended up all over the bed. Clearly it was time to do something,
 I bought some organizers and got everything all picked up and put away.
It was a ridiculously long process but I have high hopes (as with all new organizing systems) that this one will magically make me a neater and tidier person. Good luck, hm?

So summer is over and I am getting ready for school.
Hard to believe it's almost that time. 

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Stephanie Faris said...

Sounds like a very productive summer! I have to say, I spent much of my summer typing away on my computer, although I do most of my writing in my recliner, so it looks much lazier when I do it!